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Monday, July 28, 2008

The one that got away

I'm pretty sure you can't see the snail crawling off of Hercules' shell, or even Hercules very well - they both blend into the dirt, but if you look close (click to enlarge photo) you can just see a snail going off the top of his back.

I'd arrived back at my house just as my neighbor, Barbara, was exclaiming that she'd never seen a box turtle hunt, catch and eat a snail before. She was delivering snails from her yard, saw him out and about, thought he was a plastic turtle until she saw him attack and eat the snail. Then the one that got away was on his back and, as fast as I was at getting my camera, the snail was even faster.

He nearly got away from us both, but we caught him in the end.

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Groover said...

... and they make jokes about the speed of snails, hey? Nice capture.