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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Photo of me and Jill at a galley opening in Oregon a long time ago, published in a literary review.

I used to sit and read a book every day, usually not an important book, an entertaining book, the fatter the better. At one time I read lots of books every week and was a huge library user. And then a friend gave me a subscription to The New Yorker for my birthday and I started taking lots of periodicals, way too many periodicals. Next came the internet.

I couldn't keep up with all the periodicals and the blogs and the Google and Wikipedia factoids and the e-mail and the chats and now Facebook and MySpace and LinkedIn, and so I reduced my periodicals to The New Yorker again - and I still don't read books like I used to.

(Did you know the reason the Transamerica pryamid is shaped like a pyramid?

I was trying to figure out what year I took the photo on my blog masthead - probably 1973 - and I Wikipedied it and it says, in part:

Its unique shape is the result of the desire by Transamerica to have a building whose top would be looked up to by the executives on the highest floor of the Bank of America headquarters, which is not only tall but also sits upon a substantially higher elevation. The land use and zoning restrictions for the parcel limited the number of square feet of office that could be built upon the lot, which sits at the northern boundary of the financial district. The pyramid is an innovative solution to this design challenge...)

I keep looking for a good big fat book to read, not an important book, an entertaining book. A book I can read with my feet up, while I eat, before falling asleep.

And wouldn't you know, my library closed for renovation.

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