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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Seeing in verticals

In between meetings today I rode around the cool waterfront and downtown. The bow is finally uncovered and looks about done. Not sure what they did to it, but it's taken months to do. I wonder if they'll now cover the front end for the same "treatment."

I was meeting Jane for lunch near Union Square, where I discovered a new heart, and where I saw the back of Tony's Heart (Tony Bennett painted it and the other side is very nice, but was in the shade. and I've already photographed it.) A woman was sunbathing off to the side on a bench. Tourists were enjoying the sun. But it was getting hot.

We had lunch at Sears. I hadn't been there in years and years. The pancakes are still wonderful.

This is a new heart, done by Precita Eyes Muralists this year. But I liked the geraniums (pelargoniums, actually) better.

When I looked through the pix I took today, it occurred to me that I see the world in vertical slices.

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