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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Four cyclists I met in Tokyo and Kyoto are visiting SF from Japan. Yesterday, after meeting them at the airport, we drove around in a borrowed Mercedes Benz station wagon, waiting until they could check into their hostel room. Two of the bike cases were too big for the hostel storeroom, so we had to keep them with us. I drove up Hyde Street from downtown, went down crooked Lombard, around the Marina and the Presidio to the Legion and Land's End, Ocean Beach and the Beach Chalet, Golden Gate Park and Alamo Square, stopping here and there to take photos.

Thanks to my neighbor for the big car and Judy helping me with her car, the day was a huge success; it went a long way toward repaying some of the hospitality shown to me when I travel. And I really love showing people around our city.

Today, we go sightseeing by bike. The sun was shining yesterday, today there is fog, but it will be a grand adventure.

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velogirl said...

how cool! and your visitors couldn't ask for a better tour guide than you.

just yesterday I was telling someone about our adventure at the sculpture farm......she responded that she always knew you were a rebel.