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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A short ride

A week ago I thought I needed some murder mysteries to read and dashed into the new Mission Bay library on Fourth St., right next to the bridge on the north shore of the canal.

Years ago the banana boat from Central America docked there and I always wondered if tarantulas came ashore too.

On the south shore there was a popular cafe, Carmen's, which is still there but derelict. (It always did look a bit derelict.) My mother read about it in the newspaper and I took her to lunch there. It moved to a place along the waterfront on The Embarcadero when that whole area started changing - I think they replaced the bridge. I always thought Carmen's would come back, and maybe it is a long range plan. People came from all over to eat lunch; it was very popular.

Neither mystery from the library is holding my attention. I'd grabbed a couple of DVDs, too, and they had to go back yesterday, so I rode back down there with my camera, thinking I'd take new photos to play with.

I rode to the Ferry Building and then headed up Market Street. Every time I ride in among tall buildings I see something different, but one of my favorites is this building. I love the way the windows are flush with its shiny outer skin, both reflecting other buildings. Some day I'll figure out how to photograph it in a way that shows how it makes me feel - which is happy. Our buildings aren't that tall, as tall buildings go, I guess, but they seem friendly to me.

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