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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I hammered in the last nail for the last photo to be hung yesterday afternoon. The black & white project was finished. I felt so DONE. And a little sad that it's over. I learned a lot of new things that you'd only learn if you were doing a job for someone else. Good stuff.

My way of getting over one thing, ready for another, is to either clean my basement or my closet and drawers. I like to do it on a Saturday when I can also listen to "This American Life" and other story-telling shows on NPR. Today it was the basement's turn - I want to keep it inhospitable to rats looking for a winter nest. The toy rat is to remind me. I've got everything near the door where it's light; rats don't like light.

Sibyl laid another egg while I was in the basement and had been happily chewing wooden things on her play shelf until just now when she decided to stick her tail in my ear, somehow confusing me with a potential mate, and I put her back in her big cage.

I'm giving away my old spinning trainer which I hated using and will never use again. Time to take a car load of junk to the Salvation Army.

And then there's the floor washing & waxing, the window washing, the spring cleaning a season or two late. Yeah, it's back to life as usual.

...but before I left I decided to check out Lauren's blog and I'm still laughing about the boyfriend's pierced weiner. Lauren sure can tell a tale.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frame maker

That's Italo Gomez, master frame maker, who lets me watch how it's done when I stop in to sign the mats. He's been doing this a long time and knows his stuff.

I think I wrote about how I went to Light Waves Imaging photo lab on Russ St., one of those in-between streets SoMa between 6th & 7th, off Folsom, and while there I picked up a discount coupon for Back to the Picture, just around the corner on Howard at 8th Street. Nelson, who waited on me, said Oh, you'll love Eeetola, or did he say Eye-tola? and told me how when he sees him on the street he always stops to talk, and Italo never forgets his name. But I deleted that entry because just saying how wonderful they are sounded insipid. Well, at both Light Waves and Back to the Picture they have been princes, a real pleasure to work with.

Today I finally realized Italo pronounces his Salvadoran name, ITola.

Up early

Well, early for me. I spent yesterday measuring walls and marking them up with blue masking tape and neon pink Post-its to install all the b&w photographs. I still haven't decided exactly where each one will end up, but did some trial pairings and I think I'll go with these sets. Framed, they're quite large.

The hanging is much like sewing: it's all in laying the right groundwork and then when you're ready to hammer a nail it goes fast and right the first try.

I'm designing it so that all the sight-lines jibe from across the rooms, from every angle. Now that I've got the ladder, a laser level that suctions itself onto the wall and lots of blue masking tape, I'm having a blast. Later this morning, I'll sign the last 15 mats before Italo, the framer, closes them up, ready to install.

Haven't worked out how to get them into One Market and up to the 18th floor yet (loading dock not an option as it requires bonding). I'm making good use of the new Honda Fit, the white zone on Spear and my Brompton. I take things there in the car, Stuart comes down for them, I drive back to the bottom of Pot Hill to legally park and then I ride the 3 miles back to the office to work for the day. Best of both worlds.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

End in sight

This image is driving me nuts, it always looks too dark and flat when I reduce it to a small JPG, but the huge version for printing looks good to me. (It printed just fine.)

I just now deleted most of what I'd written here two days ago - too much about nothing. The b&w project will finally come to an end next Friday when all the photographs have been installed.

I started playing around with color again today and it just seems so gaudy now. Maybe I need a break from the camera for a bit.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shoe Garden

After seeing the show at the Presidio Officers' Club, "145 Years of Red Cross Photography," a serious downer, Jane and I thought about trying to go to a movie since that side of the city was fogged in and not appealing for a stroll on the beach, but decided to go back to her place and just visit.

I found a good parking spot on Fulton near Divisadero and we walked over to the neighborhood annual flea market on the sidewalks around Alamo Square. It's always fun to see what people are hoping to sell from their accumulated junk, but easy to resist. (There was one antique windup mechanical bicylist for $20, which tempted me but I successfully walked away.)

When we got to the top of the hill we walked through the park and Jane showed me a secret shoe garden. She said the city gardener had been collecting things people left behind in the park and used the shoes as planters. She especially liked Dorothy's red sequined shoes, but someone either took them or they fell apart. The one in this photo almost says Oz, but not exactly.

Good day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

To wait - or to work

I need four or five more images to finish my black & white project for offices downtown and I'm waiting to find out if old work will do or if I need to go on a photo safari today. I haven't written too much about this project, but it's been both exciting and terrifying and a great opportunity to bump up what I can do. There's nothing like a deadline and someone wanting your work to get you off your duff.

(To see larger versions of these, visit my Black & White gallery.)

I've had to push through left-over attitudes about never sticking my neck out, fears of failure, etc., etc. - and I have to say, that resistance was a huge struggle to overcome at the beginning. This time, finally, I had support I could trust to help me through the I-can't-do-that stages.

The final deadline is very close, and I feel very good about the push to the finish. It's been very intense - and a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The way we were

Last night, I watched two DVD episodes of "Mad Men," a cable t.v. series about 1960 Madison Avenue advertising people. I'd heard all the interviews and hype on NPR and I must say, they got it right: my lungs hurt from just watching all the smoking and my skin crawls from the way we females were treated, and worse, the way we expected to be treated. Yeah, they nailed it. Sure added to my then-burden, big time. I was both a rebel-artist and a middle class-housewife. Neither worked out very well for me.

Wish I'd been able to keep that MG TD. I loved that little Nancy Drew roadster, even changed the spark plugs myself.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A mailman brought my old mail to the door this morning, saying he found it on his desk, he'd been on vacation, hoped I was home. I wasn't dressed yet.

In the mail was a notice to come for my new license plates at the Honda dealer's and on the way there I picked up the Tube Times and got the car washed because after sitting out for two weeks it looked awful (this is why I wanted a silver car, not blue). I forgot to write down my new plate numbers.

And then I ran more errands and picked up the Fred turtles at Jill's, ate some lunch, cleaned Sibyl's cage from the boarder's, and talked to Jane who got good, some really good news: spots on her lungs disappeared!

In between doing all the this & that I processed a few more pixels from my trip. Not enough to write about the trip yet; maybe this is a trip that doesn't need writing about. Maybe I'll just slap up the photos I like, no explanation. Yeah.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mail, Interrupted

View of Roundhouse from Dianna & Michael's balcony, Vancouver BC
I put my mail on Hold while I traveled (more on that later), and requested its delivery on Saturday. I got new mail delivered on Saturday and some more today, but none of my old mail which includes my Netflix movies.

I called the Embarcadero Mail Center, where Hold Mail is held and he said to call back tomorrow morning after 9:00.

As usual, none of my trip pix interest me. Too much sorting and moving piles of this & that to do before I can play with pixels much. It was a major feat just to transfer the images from the mass storage Epson onto the computer and rename the files.

"Mad Men, Season 1" and "Charlie Wilson's War" are sitting in the post office. Damn.