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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I hammered in the last nail for the last photo to be hung yesterday afternoon. The black & white project was finished. I felt so DONE. And a little sad that it's over. I learned a lot of new things that you'd only learn if you were doing a job for someone else. Good stuff.

My way of getting over one thing, ready for another, is to either clean my basement or my closet and drawers. I like to do it on a Saturday when I can also listen to "This American Life" and other story-telling shows on NPR. Today it was the basement's turn - I want to keep it inhospitable to rats looking for a winter nest. The toy rat is to remind me. I've got everything near the door where it's light; rats don't like light.

Sibyl laid another egg while I was in the basement and had been happily chewing wooden things on her play shelf until just now when she decided to stick her tail in my ear, somehow confusing me with a potential mate, and I put her back in her big cage.

I'm giving away my old spinning trainer which I hated using and will never use again. Time to take a car load of junk to the Salvation Army.

And then there's the floor washing & waxing, the window washing, the spring cleaning a season or two late. Yeah, it's back to life as usual.

...but before I left I decided to check out Lauren's blog and I'm still laughing about the boyfriend's pierced weiner. Lauren sure can tell a tale.

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