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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frame maker

That's Italo Gomez, master frame maker, who lets me watch how it's done when I stop in to sign the mats. He's been doing this a long time and knows his stuff.

I think I wrote about how I went to Light Waves Imaging photo lab on Russ St., one of those in-between streets SoMa between 6th & 7th, off Folsom, and while there I picked up a discount coupon for Back to the Picture, just around the corner on Howard at 8th Street. Nelson, who waited on me, said Oh, you'll love Eeetola, or did he say Eye-tola? and told me how when he sees him on the street he always stops to talk, and Italo never forgets his name. But I deleted that entry because just saying how wonderful they are sounded insipid. Well, at both Light Waves and Back to the Picture they have been princes, a real pleasure to work with.

Today I finally realized Italo pronounces his Salvadoran name, ITola.

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