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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A mailman brought my old mail to the door this morning, saying he found it on his desk, he'd been on vacation, hoped I was home. I wasn't dressed yet.

In the mail was a notice to come for my new license plates at the Honda dealer's and on the way there I picked up the Tube Times and got the car washed because after sitting out for two weeks it looked awful (this is why I wanted a silver car, not blue). I forgot to write down my new plate numbers.

And then I ran more errands and picked up the Fred turtles at Jill's, ate some lunch, cleaned Sibyl's cage from the boarder's, and talked to Jane who got good, some really good news: spots on her lungs disappeared!

In between doing all the this & that I processed a few more pixels from my trip. Not enough to write about the trip yet; maybe this is a trip that doesn't need writing about. Maybe I'll just slap up the photos I like, no explanation. Yeah.


lauren said...

those are neat pictures of all the tents.

where was that?

Jackie said...

Ft.Stevens, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River - Cycle Oregon Weekend, with 2,000 of my new and old friends. The sun was out for a few minutes a day. But it didn't rain on us.