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Friday, August 15, 2008

To wait - or to work

I need four or five more images to finish my black & white project for offices downtown and I'm waiting to find out if old work will do or if I need to go on a photo safari today. I haven't written too much about this project, but it's been both exciting and terrifying and a great opportunity to bump up what I can do. There's nothing like a deadline and someone wanting your work to get you off your duff.

(To see larger versions of these, visit my Black & White gallery.)

I've had to push through left-over attitudes about never sticking my neck out, fears of failure, etc., etc. - and I have to say, that resistance was a huge struggle to overcome at the beginning. This time, finally, I had support I could trust to help me through the I-can't-do-that stages.

The final deadline is very close, and I feel very good about the push to the finish. It's been very intense - and a lot of fun.


velogirl said...

they're marvelous and I'm so proud of you for sticking your neck out, Jackie!

DD said...

You'll never fully know just how proud I am of you or how proud I am to be your DD.

Jackie said...

Dear Darling Daughter - that goes both ways, in spades. Your Loving Mother.

...I got the final images in the works and the end is in sight...

Groover said...

Nice work. I like your photographs a lot. Is the photo of your Black & White Gallery part of the Black & White Gallery? I think it should. It has a great atmosphere.

And regarding the self-doubt: It's the same with cycling. It always seems the toughest gal to shake. You're doing well.