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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up early

Well, early for me. I spent yesterday measuring walls and marking them up with blue masking tape and neon pink Post-its to install all the b&w photographs. I still haven't decided exactly where each one will end up, but did some trial pairings and I think I'll go with these sets. Framed, they're quite large.

The hanging is much like sewing: it's all in laying the right groundwork and then when you're ready to hammer a nail it goes fast and right the first try.

I'm designing it so that all the sight-lines jibe from across the rooms, from every angle. Now that I've got the ladder, a laser level that suctions itself onto the wall and lots of blue masking tape, I'm having a blast. Later this morning, I'll sign the last 15 mats before Italo, the framer, closes them up, ready to install.

Haven't worked out how to get them into One Market and up to the 18th floor yet (loading dock not an option as it requires bonding). I'm making good use of the new Honda Fit, the white zone on Spear and my Brompton. I take things there in the car, Stuart comes down for them, I drive back to the bottom of Pot Hill to legally park and then I ride the 3 miles back to the office to work for the day. Best of both worlds.

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