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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The way we were

Last night, I watched two DVD episodes of "Mad Men," a cable t.v. series about 1960 Madison Avenue advertising people. I'd heard all the interviews and hype on NPR and I must say, they got it right: my lungs hurt from just watching all the smoking and my skin crawls from the way we females were treated, and worse, the way we expected to be treated. Yeah, they nailed it. Sure added to my then-burden, big time. I was both a rebel-artist and a middle class-housewife. Neither worked out very well for me.

Wish I'd been able to keep that MG TD. I loved that little Nancy Drew roadster, even changed the spark plugs myself.


DD said...

The series just gets better & better. It's creepy.

velogirl said...

you have an odd expression in this photo. I can't tell if you're being coy or mysterious or angry or if you just have gas.

did you notice that the clothes you're wearing would fit right into today's fashion?

Jackie said...

...just trying not to squint while looking into the sun.

I still regret letting that sweater go. I also still wear the same style, usually a t-neck and jeans these days. Of course, I've put on a few pounds.

velogirl said...

I think you look pretty sexy in that photo, Jackie.

you still do.

chatterbox said...

mmmm. I'll have to check out that episode. That would bring back my brief stint in advertising. It's still a boys game, for sure. Though, more and more women and pushing through the glass ceiling. Of course my current career in tech/engineering is no less male-dominated. I guess I'm getting used to it now. And, tech seems to abide the decorum and political correctness a bit more.

Love the photo - both you and the car are totally hip!