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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back at it

I got word late today that they want more of my b&w photos in the offices down town, so it's back to work.

I'll get out early tomorrow while the sun is low in the east, do some more on the waterfront and maybe in the financial district. I'll come home to eat and do my laundry midday, and then get back out when the sun moves lower in the west.

I went out this evening with Judy's long lens but didn't get much of interest.

I was hoping for clear skies while the fog is out at sea, but it was hazy and dull. Too bad.

I just rescued a moth where it was trapped. But it won't do well in the house, so it wasn't really rescued. And that's too bad.

I just noticed every paragraph begins with "I." I think it was a 7th grade teacher who said we shouldn't use the I-word all the time. Another too bad.

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