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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to life as we know it

Sibyl chews wood, any wood, so it behooves me to supply wood O.K. to chew. I got a box of Tinker Toys in a thrift store for her.

We took a long shower together today and she soaked herself to the skin. Wet birds are so pathetic, they lose all their color and smell like an old wet pillow.

And then I went to a shopping mall movie house to see the Coen brother's new film, which wasn't good, but was mindlessly entertaining.

The all-consuming B&W project is really finally done. I got to be part of a new business being formed and that was exciting. The project grew in sudden jumps, twice, taxed my creative juices to meet the expectations and taught me what it means to be professional. Not that easy.

Tomorrow it's back to classes at the Fromm. I will ride my old touring bike up the hill to U.S.F., sit back and learn good things, three mornings a week.

And I hope to take the camera out some more, but first I need to let the dust settle for a bit. It's been intense.

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