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Friday, September 05, 2008

"Does the Mayor know?"

I drove out to Ocean Beach after a very quick, maybe twenty minute survey of "Women Impressionists" (way too much pastel) at the Legion of Honor, knowing it was probably going to be too hazy for a good panoramic shot of the coast, and this is what I ran into.

In fact, these two-dimensional life-size cutouts were in a giant semi-circle, of which this is a small part. I walked up to a tent to find out what it was all about when I overheard someone ask, "Does the Mayor know about this?" I decided I probably didn't need to know any more.

Yesterday, surprise globes; today, surprise Indians. My, my.

Later: Here's the story on sfgate.com

1 comment:

LAUREN said...

that's kinda cool.

i guess maybe you need a permit to have lifesized cut outs on the beach in SF?