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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Holy Gigabyte, Batman!

I packed the Brompton into the car, drove to where I could legally park near City Hall, pedaled a few blocks to get there and then tried to capture it from the Victory Garden in the morning light. Not sure how that will convert for black & white, but will work on it later.

From there I drove over to try again to get an iconic facade in the Presidio for the b&w project, but saw a row of spheres along the beach and made a detour into Crissy Field. What a sight! A bonanza of eco-globes, aka Balls. I processed just the one above for now. I have more pixels to process than I have time for, but I had a great day, first walking and then pedaling along the cool beach.

Back to work.

1 comment:

DD said...

aw man. Now that's cool. Ball after ball after ball. What will my mother do?