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Monday, September 01, 2008

In between

Not sure what the next project will be, or even if there needs to be another project. I mean, it's probably O.K. to just be. But it feels kind of boring and passive and unfocused.

Friday was the end of that project and so I cleaned my basement on Saturday as a way of ignoring feeling so let down. I rearranged the Fit's seats to haul the junk to the Salvation Army on old Army Street, but when I got there they waved me away from the big truck bay where I usually drop stuff off, said they were closed. I had old blankets and the Community Thrift Store won't take linens, which is why I was favoring the S.A. Now I have to find another drop off place.

Sunday, I joined Sunday Streets, riding my usual waterfront route with lots of company. I stopped to watch people play along the way.

Went out on the pier opposite Pier 39 and watched the action. Three weeks ago there were almost no sea lions there, now there's not an inch left unoccupied. Had an In-N-Out burger at Fisherman's Wharf and listened to the Slow Food Rocks concert at the Great Meadow in Ft. Mason before browsing the books in the Book Bay. Bought three books.

Monday was a BBQ with the neighbors. Today a trip to the Goodwill drop-off place on 3rd Street and after lunch a ride downtown for a haircut in Jackson Square. As a treat to myself I think I will see "Man on Wire" at the Embarcadero Cinema afterwards.

Tra la, tra la.

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