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Monday, September 08, 2008

Pedaling some more

Saturday, I drove to the peninsula to lead the Mellow Velo ride, always a real treat, and on Sunday, the ride around Strawberry and Tiburon, also with the Velo Girls.

After a sleepless Saturday night I knew the work I'd turned in to the print lab on Friday was not what I wanted to finish this project with, and so I took the big camera and long lens along on the north bay ride.

Our heat wave finally broke and the fog bank obscured what I'd hoped to shoot: the panorama of the city skyline as you come into the city from the north. I had old work, but it always has that bridge as its focus, and there is enough of that bridge in the collection already; this Lone Sailor, which I really like, was already used, up close, overlooking the bridge.

Anyway, I got a new, I hope better print order to the lab when it opened this morning, before they'd started on Friday's order, which I canceled. It's in their hands now.

That left me with a free day and so I rode back down to the Embarcadero Cinema to see "Man on Wire." Whoa. That's the sort of movie that definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. Awesome.

Now I'm going to watch digital t.v. with my new converter box. This third try, a Zenith, gets all the channels, except Ch. 2, which I never watch. Too bad there's nothing to watch on any of them. I may be reduced to reading my book!

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linda said...

that ride around Tiburon sure was spectacular!