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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thinking of Taos

DB went to Taos this month but is now back in Seattle. Yesterday he sent me a photo he made from the exact same angle as the one above, which I took on my 1984 road trip. I wrote back that while it was a great photo, I already had the copyright on it. This was a running joke between us (we were often shooting the same scenes together) after he told me of a time he was taking a photo in some monumental public place and another photographer came up to him and said he had the copyright on that scene. Yeah. Right.

I'd put his here but not without his permission. I have to take down the link to his Web site, Digital Railroad went out of business and he'll need to find another.

It rained off and on today, at one point there was a strong wind from the south slamming into my cottage. It finally felt like the season is changing from endless summer. I found where Hercules has buried himself in his yard, but he hasn't gone down deep yet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They sure don't make 'em like they used to

Last night I noticed a stream of water coming from my refrigerator. " Uh oh," I said, and then went to bed.

Sure enough, the freezer was warm this morning, everything in it had thawed and is mostly lost. I think I can cook and still eat the meats, but all the veggies and the turtles' chow and the bits of this and the dabs of that are garbage. Sigh.

The repairman should be here in the next hour. If he can't fix it - and it's only 6 years old - I'll take everything to my neighbor's extra fridge. I've already borrowed a big picnic cooler and some ice for the things I'll need to keep in the house. Even if I have to get a new one, it won't get here today.

The picture above is on the second floor inside Fort Point, where you'll see room after room, some with exhibits, some empty, and with these inside doors cutting through the center. I was going to wait for the person in a blue shirt to move, but didn't. I could Photoshop him out, but I sort of like the touch of color. In fact, I always like miniature people to be somewhere in my photos. Here's another one.

Good news (I think). We found a repairman by looking at the reviews on Yelp, and Chris replaced the compressor and says it's fixed. Since he left I've had it open & closed a zillion times, cleaning it, replacing stuff, and so it hasn't had a chance to get cold yet.

Now I get to cook and eat as much of the thawed meat - lamb chops, steaks - as I can before they go bad.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sitting still

I'd asked this couple to pose, thinking to redo an old small-res. shot that I like. I didn't get what I wanted, which was the one below - not even close.

I spent another day in front of this computer, not really doing a lot of new work, trying to figure out a good way to manage triplicated hard drives. Trying not to make a big mess. So far I'm just confusing myself. (Did I copy that file? Where did I put it? What HD am I working from now? Yeah. I need a foolproof system.)

The one I like was done with my first p&s digital camera at the lowest possible resolution, and then probably cropped. Not sure why I like it so much.

I've made a gallery of installation photos from the b&w project, and put it inside the b&w gallery on pbase - subtle, but it's there for those who've asked to see how it all turned out.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday and Saturday

This morning I took my camera to Barbara's new house down the street. This big wooden horse greets you as you come through the door.

There's an entire wall between the kitchen and dining room made up of these gorgeous sliding glass doors.

Yesterday I rode to Noe Valley, through the Mission and along Polk Street to the bay at Aquatic Park without stopping.

When I got to Fort Point, under the bridge, I locked up my old Miyata and went inside. The greeter was very friendly and asked me where I was from. "Potrero Hill," I said. He laughed, maybe expecting to hear Boston or Texas.

I spent an hour walking around, really going through the place, remembering when Jill was little and how we'd walk around in the cold and wind - the only people there - long before it was annotated, turned into a sight. I took a lot of pictures.

I ran into this enormous 3-masted tall ship at the cruise ship pier. I think I saw it come into the bay this summer, along with the more traditional tall ships, but maybe there's more than one of them. I also saw it in Tiburon on the last Velo Girls' ride, the same day I caught the head cold, which is now gone (both the cold and the tall ship).

I stopped in at the office and took photos of the entire installation, though with the reflections from all the large windows and overhead fluorescent lights they're impossible to photograph well. That's Kathleen, actually working on casual Friday, using her wireless headset-phone.

Now I'm listening to This American Life on NPR. I like Saturdays at home. I'll get lunch and then clean the turtle tank filter, maybe vacuum. There's a Velo Girls' endurance team potluck dinner at Winnie's in Burlingame later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sherehazade eating broccoli at Diego's

I took some frozen turtle chow that I'd made for Hercules and the Freds to my old herpetologist friend, Diego, in Oakland today. He has over 80 turtles and tortoises in habitats both in and outside of his and Kinji's house. That's a Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise; she polished off her broccoli in less than a minute. I don't think he names many of his turtles and I should have asked about her, but I just kept looking around, discovering more and more to see. Kinji was reconstructing some enclosures inside a huge raccoon-proof netting around a big tree.

I liked the light coming through these leaves in their yard.

Jim, Diego in Spanish, lived in Guatamala for a while and travels everywhere there are turtles to be found. He's just back from Bulgaria and brought me some heavy handknit socks and rose attar in a carved wood container.

And then while I was processing the pictures, Sibyl gave me a molting flight feather.

Nice day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


As in, without a wheel.

I set the alarm for 06:00, so I could get down to Canada & 92 to lead the Mellow Velo this morning. I had odd dreams all night, kept waking up, looking at the clock. I always do that when I set an alarm, which is probably the number one reason I worked the swing shift all those years. In one dream I got a blue Tikit, a gift from Judy who just got herself a yellow Tikit. But while I was oohing and ahhhing over it, my new car was stolen. I'd left the Brompton (and that part was real) in the back of my car and that being stolen is what I was fretting about. I woke up still fretting about it. And then I brought the Brompton back in the house.

(I used it to wander around Crissy Field on Wednesday, before the onion soup and going to hear Mavis Staples at the Palace of Fine Arts.)

Anyway, after getting the Brompton put away I took my Cannondale out to use for the ride. I rearranged my seats, took off the front wheel and carefully placed it on the uphill side of the car, stowed the bike in the back, got in, drove 20-some miles before I suddenly remembered the wheel. Yep. Still back in the city, hopefully not run over or rolling off down the >18% grade to who-knows-where. I called my neighbor, who cracked up at the sight of my wheel laying in the street, and he secured it for me.

A few riders (just one had come for the Mellow Velo) went off with Winnie on her Old La Honda jaunt, so it worked out O.K., but I had to turn around and drive 20+ miles home, wheelless.

The wheel was fine, lucky me.

I weeded Herc's yard and pulled out a bunch of spider plants that take over if left alone. Other than two earwigs there was no fauna in my flora. But he's still chowing down on the food I put out, so he's fine.

My box turtle is a very funny dude. He comes out of hiding whenever I work in his little yard, stomping around in a huff. He charged over to my shoe and smelled it and eyeballed it and I waited to see if he'd taste it, but he just walked over my foot and went on about his rounds. I love Hercules. He rocks. (Yeah, I know, he looks like a rock.)

I've been sitting here reading the fine print for seller's permits to pay the city & county and state sales tax when I sell photos. Takes all the fun out of it, but what else can I do at this point but proceed? Yeah. I'm a pro. Dealing with tax collectors always gives me the willies.

This week I'm going to take some new pictures. I have a plan.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To lie fallow

Fallow: figurative inactive: long fallow periods when nothing seems to happen.

I had onion soup at La Terrasse in the Presidio last night, and again for lunch today.

I keep taking the camera places and not using it. Everything I see is: been there, done that. And I've had a head cold which is still in my sinuses a bit - today when I rode my bike over bumps the teeth under my maxillary sinuses felt very weird, like they were full of snot or something. Hollow teeth?

Turns out my external hard drive is fine, it's the AC Adapter that malfunctioned. I'm rescuing my files using a borrowed cord while I wait for them to send me a replacement. My second HD arrived in today's mail so I'm busily rearranging files to be backed up in duplicate. I have nearly 200GB of image files, most from this year, so I have to start working from the external drives more, though I'll still keep current work on the Mac.

Guess you didn't need to know all that.

Thesaurus: a fallow (trading) period inactive, dormant, quiet, slack, slow, stagnant; barren, unproductive. ANTONYN busy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next to worst thing

When I got up this morning my Mac was running an error message, telling me a Devise Was Disconnected Improperly, or some-such. When I went to bed last night the Mac was put to sleep as usual, so it shouldn't have been up and running. Later, I noticed my external LaCie hard drive's icon had disappeared, though its blue light was still on. This had happened before and I could just turn it off and back on and the icon would reappear. No luck with that this time. It appears to be dead.

Because my image files are so large, my Mac's hard drive was too full and I'd run out of room every time I downloaded my camera. So, just a few weeks ago, I removed old image files to the 500GB external drive and ordered a second external drive to duplicate the first, because external HDs die, too. Unfortunately, that second drive didn't arrive in time.

I've probably lost a lot of stuff.

The good news: I kept my daily archives and the finished jpgs on the Mac so what I've lost on the LaCie will not be as important to me. Most of the old stuff is still on the PC and I can replace it. But not all. I will have to see if it's worth the mega-bucks to recover.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

All better

I have enormous respect for viruses. These days, when one gets a hold on me I pay it its due and take to my bed.

The last time it happened I was in Provence with DB, so that was over a year ago in June. I remember we'd spent the day in Avignon, it was hot and smoggy, and that was bothering me, but I wasn't otherwise sick. Oh, but that night there was the same knot under my jaw and the sudden onset of a head cold. We spent a day driving around the foothills near Mt. Ventoux, but after being miserable and sitting up all that night, we left our lovely hotel the next morning and slowly drove back to Paris, stopping for several hours in Vezelay, where I took the photo of the geraniums. We got back to Paris late that night, I sat up again, miserable, but just like this time, after three days of viral hell, poof, it was gone.

I felt better yesterday, quit using Kleenex, took no cold remedies, but didn't really do anything, either, except listen to the radio, read, play with Sibyl a bit, eat & sleep.

Sort of like a speed bump.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Sunday, I met the Velo Girls to ride the reverse Tiburon loop, which was a treat. When I got home I was feeling good, pleasantly tired. I waited for Sibyl to finish eating before getting in the shower, stood around sweaty and naked too long, and suddenly the left side of my neck got sick, all by itself. It was like a little knot right under my jaw. Uh oh, I said, I'm in for it. That little knot progressed into a left-sided full-fledged cold in less than an hour. I could still breathe through my nose O.K., but by the next morning it had spread to the right side and up into my nose.

Last night I had a temp. of 101F, was sure I would die (kidding) and sat upright on the couch with the t.v. on for company all night. Jill brought me her leftover Theraflu and that really helped. By noon today, I was feeling good, albeit still with a snotty nose.

This too shall pass. . . .quickly, I hope.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I could have gone riding today after all, it hasn't rained in the city, but I like to hang out around the house, cleaning the turtles' filter and tank, playing fetch (she tosses toys, I fetch) with my parrot, Sibyl, while I listen to the Saturday programs on the radio. My favorite has always been "This American Life" on NPR.

Their first show about how we got into this financial meltdown was The Giant Pool of Money. If you missed it when it was first broadcast (and repeated recently), click the link and give it a listen; you will be amazed. Today was a followup story, Another Frightening Show About the Economy, equally enlightening, but won't be available as a (free) Full Episode or podcast until Monday. It'll be replayed tonight at 10:00 on KQED-FM.

I'm not taking the camera out these days. I'm overdue finding some balance between obsessive immersion in images and other things, like reading, watching DVDs, doing absolutely nothing.

But just to keep my hand in, I'm reprocessing in color some of the images that were used in the black & white project.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blue & white stripes

I woke up this morning from a long dream about shopping for a blue & white striped blouse. My last memory from it was, "$200.00, for that?" and, "I can do better at the Salvation Army."

. . . . and, so, I did.

Any time I need a new shirt for my parrot to crap on, I head to the S.A., and they've never let me down yet. Today, I got two good-label (J.Crew & Gap) striped shirts and, as a bonus, the (Liz Claiborne) polka-dot job. All three for $9.00. No stains, no smells.

The good news: Sibyl potty-trained herself and rarely stains a shirt anymore. But I still wanted to have a blue & white striped shirt.

The bad news: After washing, they all needed ironing.