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Thursday, October 09, 2008

All better

I have enormous respect for viruses. These days, when one gets a hold on me I pay it its due and take to my bed.

The last time it happened I was in Provence with DB, so that was over a year ago in June. I remember we'd spent the day in Avignon, it was hot and smoggy, and that was bothering me, but I wasn't otherwise sick. Oh, but that night there was the same knot under my jaw and the sudden onset of a head cold. We spent a day driving around the foothills near Mt. Ventoux, but after being miserable and sitting up all that night, we left our lovely hotel the next morning and slowly drove back to Paris, stopping for several hours in Vezelay, where I took the photo of the geraniums. We got back to Paris late that night, I sat up again, miserable, but just like this time, after three days of viral hell, poof, it was gone.

I felt better yesterday, quit using Kleenex, took no cold remedies, but didn't really do anything, either, except listen to the radio, read, play with Sibyl a bit, eat & sleep.

Sort of like a speed bump.

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