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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday and Saturday

This morning I took my camera to Barbara's new house down the street. This big wooden horse greets you as you come through the door.

There's an entire wall between the kitchen and dining room made up of these gorgeous sliding glass doors.

Yesterday I rode to Noe Valley, through the Mission and along Polk Street to the bay at Aquatic Park without stopping.

When I got to Fort Point, under the bridge, I locked up my old Miyata and went inside. The greeter was very friendly and asked me where I was from. "Potrero Hill," I said. He laughed, maybe expecting to hear Boston or Texas.

I spent an hour walking around, really going through the place, remembering when Jill was little and how we'd walk around in the cold and wind - the only people there - long before it was annotated, turned into a sight. I took a lot of pictures.

I ran into this enormous 3-masted tall ship at the cruise ship pier. I think I saw it come into the bay this summer, along with the more traditional tall ships, but maybe there's more than one of them. I also saw it in Tiburon on the last Velo Girls' ride, the same day I caught the head cold, which is now gone (both the cold and the tall ship).

I stopped in at the office and took photos of the entire installation, though with the reflections from all the large windows and overhead fluorescent lights they're impossible to photograph well. That's Kathleen, actually working on casual Friday, using her wireless headset-phone.

Now I'm listening to This American Life on NPR. I like Saturdays at home. I'll get lunch and then clean the turtle tank filter, maybe vacuum. There's a Velo Girls' endurance team potluck dinner at Winnie's in Burlingame later.

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