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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blue & white stripes

I woke up this morning from a long dream about shopping for a blue & white striped blouse. My last memory from it was, "$200.00, for that?" and, "I can do better at the Salvation Army."

. . . . and, so, I did.

Any time I need a new shirt for my parrot to crap on, I head to the S.A., and they've never let me down yet. Today, I got two good-label (J.Crew & Gap) striped shirts and, as a bonus, the (Liz Claiborne) polka-dot job. All three for $9.00. No stains, no smells.

The good news: Sibyl potty-trained herself and rarely stains a shirt anymore. But I still wanted to have a blue & white striped shirt.

The bad news: After washing, they all needed ironing.

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chatterbox said...

Cool! I'm going to make an effort to buy less stuff new. So, next time I need a clothing item, I'm going to make a run to Salvation Army or Goodwill or similar to see what I can turn up. Of course, this does not apply to cycling clothing :)