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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next to worst thing

When I got up this morning my Mac was running an error message, telling me a Devise Was Disconnected Improperly, or some-such. When I went to bed last night the Mac was put to sleep as usual, so it shouldn't have been up and running. Later, I noticed my external LaCie hard drive's icon had disappeared, though its blue light was still on. This had happened before and I could just turn it off and back on and the icon would reappear. No luck with that this time. It appears to be dead.

Because my image files are so large, my Mac's hard drive was too full and I'd run out of room every time I downloaded my camera. So, just a few weeks ago, I removed old image files to the 500GB external drive and ordered a second external drive to duplicate the first, because external HDs die, too. Unfortunately, that second drive didn't arrive in time.

I've probably lost a lot of stuff.

The good news: I kept my daily archives and the finished jpgs on the Mac so what I've lost on the LaCie will not be as important to me. Most of the old stuff is still on the PC and I can replace it. But not all. I will have to see if it's worth the mega-bucks to recover.

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