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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sherehazade eating broccoli at Diego's

I took some frozen turtle chow that I'd made for Hercules and the Freds to my old herpetologist friend, Diego, in Oakland today. He has over 80 turtles and tortoises in habitats both in and outside of his and Kinji's house. That's a Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise; she polished off her broccoli in less than a minute. I don't think he names many of his turtles and I should have asked about her, but I just kept looking around, discovering more and more to see. Kinji was reconstructing some enclosures inside a huge raccoon-proof netting around a big tree.

I liked the light coming through these leaves in their yard.

Jim, Diego in Spanish, lived in Guatamala for a while and travels everywhere there are turtles to be found. He's just back from Bulgaria and brought me some heavy handknit socks and rose attar in a carved wood container.

And then while I was processing the pictures, Sibyl gave me a molting flight feather.

Nice day.

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Groover said...

Love the photo of Jim: Turtles on his jumper, on the shelf, above the door and even a turtle skull in his hands... now that's one turtle crazy person. :-)