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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Sunday, I met the Velo Girls to ride the reverse Tiburon loop, which was a treat. When I got home I was feeling good, pleasantly tired. I waited for Sibyl to finish eating before getting in the shower, stood around sweaty and naked too long, and suddenly the left side of my neck got sick, all by itself. It was like a little knot right under my jaw. Uh oh, I said, I'm in for it. That little knot progressed into a left-sided full-fledged cold in less than an hour. I could still breathe through my nose O.K., but by the next morning it had spread to the right side and up into my nose.

Last night I had a temp. of 101F, was sure I would die (kidding) and sat upright on the couch with the t.v. on for company all night. Jill brought me her leftover Theraflu and that really helped. By noon today, I was feeling good, albeit still with a snotty nose.

This too shall pass. . . .quickly, I hope.


LAUREN said...

yuck! hope you feel better soon.

at least it seems to be moving through fast.

velogirl said...

phooey! do you need anything, Jackie? Lauren works in the city now and I'm sure she'd volunteer to stop by, right Lauren?

seriously, let me know if you need anything and I'm happy to help.

Jackie said...

I'm better already and nearly good as new. In fact, maybe I'll write about the amazingly fast recovery.

Thanks for caring!