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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They sure don't make 'em like they used to

Last night I noticed a stream of water coming from my refrigerator. " Uh oh," I said, and then went to bed.

Sure enough, the freezer was warm this morning, everything in it had thawed and is mostly lost. I think I can cook and still eat the meats, but all the veggies and the turtles' chow and the bits of this and the dabs of that are garbage. Sigh.

The repairman should be here in the next hour. If he can't fix it - and it's only 6 years old - I'll take everything to my neighbor's extra fridge. I've already borrowed a big picnic cooler and some ice for the things I'll need to keep in the house. Even if I have to get a new one, it won't get here today.

The picture above is on the second floor inside Fort Point, where you'll see room after room, some with exhibits, some empty, and with these inside doors cutting through the center. I was going to wait for the person in a blue shirt to move, but didn't. I could Photoshop him out, but I sort of like the touch of color. In fact, I always like miniature people to be somewhere in my photos. Here's another one.

Good news (I think). We found a repairman by looking at the reviews on Yelp, and Chris replaced the compressor and says it's fixed. Since he left I've had it open & closed a zillion times, cleaning it, replacing stuff, and so it hasn't had a chance to get cold yet.

Now I get to cook and eat as much of the thawed meat - lamb chops, steaks - as I can before they go bad.

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