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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thinking of Taos

DB went to Taos this month but is now back in Seattle. Yesterday he sent me a photo he made from the exact same angle as the one above, which I took on my 1984 road trip. I wrote back that while it was a great photo, I already had the copyright on it. This was a running joke between us (we were often shooting the same scenes together) after he told me of a time he was taking a photo in some monumental public place and another photographer came up to him and said he had the copyright on that scene. Yeah. Right.

I'd put his here but not without his permission. I have to take down the link to his Web site, Digital Railroad went out of business and he'll need to find another.

It rained off and on today, at one point there was a strong wind from the south slamming into my cottage. It finally felt like the season is changing from endless summer. I found where Hercules has buried himself in his yard, but he hasn't gone down deep yet.

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Groover said...

That's very funny, the copy right joke.

It's a very nice scene, like out of a movie.