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Thursday, October 16, 2008

To lie fallow

Fallow: figurative inactive: long fallow periods when nothing seems to happen.

I had onion soup at La Terrasse in the Presidio last night, and again for lunch today.

I keep taking the camera places and not using it. Everything I see is: been there, done that. And I've had a head cold which is still in my sinuses a bit - today when I rode my bike over bumps the teeth under my maxillary sinuses felt very weird, like they were full of snot or something. Hollow teeth?

Turns out my external hard drive is fine, it's the AC Adapter that malfunctioned. I'm rescuing my files using a borrowed cord while I wait for them to send me a replacement. My second HD arrived in today's mail so I'm busily rearranging files to be backed up in duplicate. I have nearly 200GB of image files, most from this year, so I have to start working from the external drives more, though I'll still keep current work on the Mac.

Guess you didn't need to know all that.

Thesaurus: a fallow (trading) period inactive, dormant, quiet, slack, slow, stagnant; barren, unproductive. ANTONYN busy.

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