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Saturday, October 18, 2008


As in, without a wheel.

I set the alarm for 06:00, so I could get down to Canada & 92 to lead the Mellow Velo this morning. I had odd dreams all night, kept waking up, looking at the clock. I always do that when I set an alarm, which is probably the number one reason I worked the swing shift all those years. In one dream I got a blue Tikit, a gift from Judy who just got herself a yellow Tikit. But while I was oohing and ahhhing over it, my new car was stolen. I'd left the Brompton (and that part was real) in the back of my car and that being stolen is what I was fretting about. I woke up still fretting about it. And then I brought the Brompton back in the house.

(I used it to wander around Crissy Field on Wednesday, before the onion soup and going to hear Mavis Staples at the Palace of Fine Arts.)

Anyway, after getting the Brompton put away I took my Cannondale out to use for the ride. I rearranged my seats, took off the front wheel and carefully placed it on the uphill side of the car, stowed the bike in the back, got in, drove 20-some miles before I suddenly remembered the wheel. Yep. Still back in the city, hopefully not run over or rolling off down the >18% grade to who-knows-where. I called my neighbor, who cracked up at the sight of my wheel laying in the street, and he secured it for me.

A few riders (just one had come for the Mellow Velo) went off with Winnie on her Old La Honda jaunt, so it worked out O.K., but I had to turn around and drive 20+ miles home, wheelless.

The wheel was fine, lucky me.

I weeded Herc's yard and pulled out a bunch of spider plants that take over if left alone. Other than two earwigs there was no fauna in my flora. But he's still chowing down on the food I put out, so he's fine.

My box turtle is a very funny dude. He comes out of hiding whenever I work in his little yard, stomping around in a huff. He charged over to my shoe and smelled it and eyeballed it and I waited to see if he'd taste it, but he just walked over my foot and went on about his rounds. I love Hercules. He rocks. (Yeah, I know, he looks like a rock.)

I've been sitting here reading the fine print for seller's permits to pay the city & county and state sales tax when I sell photos. Takes all the fun out of it, but what else can I do at this point but proceed? Yeah. I'm a pro. Dealing with tax collectors always gives me the willies.

This week I'm going to take some new pictures. I have a plan.

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