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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Balmy Saturday

I've really liked this week. Yeah, balmy 80 degree days, no wind, clear air, lots of new adventures, plenty of bike riding, and even a ferry ride back from Tiburon yesterday, followed by Beethoven at the symphony last night.

Sibyl kept me company, quietly, all day. She's in between breeding/egg-laying cycles and is the perfect companion while it lasts.

I'm working on color management and monitor calibration issues and it's making me a bit crazy. In between sessions I cleaned the turtles' filter and did minor bike maintenance, which I much prefer doing. Neither one of these of Sibyl on the fridge were good exposures and they're not good finished images either, but I want to see them transformed, once removed.


Groover said...

But Sibyl grooming is a great subject :-)

Akhilesh M. said...

Hey..great blog...