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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A cold day, at last

It's been uncomfortably warm most of this November, oddly, strangely, what's going on here? warm. I spent a lot of time riding my different bikes around, sometimes just on errands, sometimes on long sustained rides down the peninsula. I usually drag my camera along and hardly ever use it. That's O.K.; I have plenty of pixels from old trips that need reworking, this time with a properly calibrated system (I hope).

And I spent way too much time getting this old poppy image into printable form. But that's a whole other color profile, so who knows what will show up here on the Web.

Back to work.


velogirl said...

I love poppies and this is a nice one, Jackie!

Groover said...

+1. Whatever you did with it, it was time well invested. It's beautiful.
Glad to hear that you still got lots of rides in during November before the real winter starts.

LAUREN said...