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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eating pumpkin pie - 3 meals a day

Sometime last year I bought a double can of Libby's pumpkin and two cans of evaporated milk on sale. They sat in the pantry, ignored, because I knew if I made pumpkin pies I would not be able to resist gobbling them down all by myself.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, Jane was coming here after her shift serving at Martin de Porres soup kitchen, and so I had an excuse to make pumpkin pies. I bought frozen pie shells (if you only bake every few years, you have to buy all new ingredients), mixed up the pumpkin and milk (already two days past the Best-by date), fresh eggs, spices, but only cooked one pie.

And it was very good.

But Jane only ate one piece, and what's a poor girl to do but finish the rest?

Yesterday I made the second pie, plus four custard cups of left over pumpkin filling. I ate all four cups last night (they're small), plus a piece of pie for a bedtime snack.

This morning I had pie for breakfast.

And there's still most of the pie to go.

Me bad.

But it's chia turtle time again!


chatterbox said...

That's perfectly nutritious! Eggs, vegetable, dairy, wheat - all good foods. Enjoy!

LAUREN said...

i LOVE pumpkin pie for breakfast.

velogirl said...

mmm....pumpkin pie!

hey, did you see my tortoise photos? they made me think of you!

page132 said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm pumpkin pie with morning coffee. Perfectly nutritious, I agree with chatterbox. Only problem is I've had your pie crust, frozen would be sacrilegious.