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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Gonna be a techie yet

Oh boy. Now the fun begins, where I learn how to sell some more photos. Never mind that no one is buying photos anymore, I will join the digital marketplace, if for no other reason than to justify cranking out more pictures. I keep pushing to be better at it.

To do this I have to learn how to process digital files for commercial use and how to FTP, and all sorts of good stuff. None of this is difficult, just time consuming.

Hercules finally went underground for the winter, so the dark days will be upon us. After this week classes at USF Fromm are over until January so I'm glad to have this project. Heaven forbid I should do something domestically useful.

Right now I'm working up old images, like this one of SFMOMA, making them better. Not sure what needs model or property releases so I'll just say they're for editorial use.

Yeah, I can see these in some magazine or other, can't you?

Fat chance.