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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Puzzle Map

Maybe someone or something got in my way back when we learned our states, because no matter how many times I put this puzzle map together, I still wouldn't be able tell you where most of our states lie in relationship to one another. And I've been in a lot, if not all, of them.

Growing up we used to drive back to the midwest to visit relatives every other year - but my father drove from 04:00 until late every night, making the entire round trip in under two weeks, and I mostly hid out on the floor in back, using the hump in the middle for a pillow.

It's about 5:00 here in San Francisco. I'll finish putting this puzzle together and then as the states are called, Red or Blue (you know I'm praying for Blue), I will move that state's piece to the right or the left (oh, please go to the left!).

I had to tape all those tiny east coast states together and can't move them individually - in fact, they're so small they don't have a piece for each, anyway. I think I'll just put them left, to Blue.

Blue. Blue. Blue.

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