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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slow days

Self Portrait with Bird

Sibyl has her beak tucked under her wing, with one eye open just in case I do something; she keeps an eye on me all day while I work. After her semi-nap she'll get restless, I'll take her down off the shelf, she'll have a snack and a drink from the dripping faucet, and then she'll want back on her shelf to play fetch with her toys (she throws, I fetch). It's nice to have her quiet presence nearby.

Geraniums in Bellinzona, Switzerland

I'm going back over old photos, reprocessing to commercial standards and placing them on-line for sale. Adding key words is the most time consuming part, but thanks to the Web, I don't have to own a zillion guide books. (Key words are how buyers find what they need. Never mind that the market is zip and there are millions of photographers out there, I'm doing it anyway.) Last night I uploaded the first four for quality control. DB says I'll have no trouble.

Street Light & Roman Arena in Verona, Italy.

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