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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Burnt coffee & other non-news

My coffee is bitter this morning; how can I have burnt my coffee? It's like opening a bottle of bad wine: do I get used to it and just drink it anyway, or do I pour it out and start over? (I'm drinking it anyway.) (Yech!)

Elizabeth, visiting from the snowy east coast, and I walked in & out of trinket shops in Chinatown yesterday and ate in one of the old restaurants right on Grant Ave.; it had huge ancient chandeliers and old wooden booths, a dark, rich interior, and I had Mongolian beef and rice, which was very good, or at least tasty.

Also yesterday, I made the huge mistake of changing Sib's food dishes in her big cage with her in it and she ran over and sliced my right thumb before I could get my hand out. Not her fault. I am not allowed to touch her pellets and I know that, it triggers that little brain to attack. It wouldn't quit bleeding so now I have a big pressure bandage on it and have to tape a latex finger (cut from a glove) over it to do anything wet. Seems to work OK for typing.

I think I will have to start a stretching regimen or take up yoga because I have become increasingly stiff in the morning and after sitting too long. My hips and thighs hurt, except when I'm riding my bike or just sitting here. It started two months ago after a cold and just won't go away. There. Now I've said it out loud, I've admitted I'm a mere mortal. Damn!

It's 09:00, and Sibyl is still in her sleep cage, probably preening quietly. It's dark and gloomy with rain expected. Not sure what I'll do today, though tackling more Photoshop tutorials would be in order; I've avoided them long enough. That means sitting here for long periods of time and then I'll be stiff when I get up.

Ah, holidays - my quiet time.


Groover said...

Jackie, live is too short to drink bad coffee (or bad wine).

Yoga is great. I want to take it up again in the New Year, too, as I can feel my muscles being tight.

Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

True, but my little espresso pot would be too hot to start over so I drank it - it wasn't that bad.

page132 said...

Hey! Youre not supposed to get stiff in the am. That's my turf!!! Youre supposed to stay spry & nimble!!!

Jackie said...

It's what I get for thinking I can act like an athlete, but cheat and never stretch. My quads and hamstrings are so tight they could snap!