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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Missed window of opportunity

Sibyl totally ignored the super seagull I bought in Chinatown yesterday. The only light for this picture came from my computer monitor, making those sinister shadows. If only she'd done her Maltese Falcon impersonation!

After a night of gale-force winds and rain the sun actually came out and stayed out most of this Christmas day. I was going to go for a bike ride, but it was time for lunch. Can't ride on an empty tank. And then you can't ride on a full tank, either. By the time the tank was just right the wind had come up again and more rain is now on the way (and it's cold out there!).

My friend and neighbor, Barbara, always surprises me with gifts. She knows I don't "do" holidays, but she loves going to flea markets and yard sales and she always saves a turtle or two to give me. This year she gave me the Good Life Grocery's calendar with excellent photos by folks here on Potrero Hill (and on Bernal, where they have a second store), and this gorgeous turtle mug. I'm very pleased with them, neither of which came from a flea market or yard sale, I'm sure. Rory & Raven, her two giant dogs, helped her deliver the package this morning.

I scanned a few old b&w prints I made thirty years ago, but I really need to scan from the negatives; the prints have seen better days.

And so, one holiday down, one to go, and then it's on to Jury Duty on the 5th. They nail me every two years, like clockwork.

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