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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Small world story, small part of

There are too many convolutions to the small-world stories I could tell about the people I had lunch with today. In fact, it makes me dizzy trying to put them all into writing, and so I'll just save them for the retelling when we meet.

And inside this photo I took yesterday I discovered a surprising addition to the stories (the ones I won't bore you with): the blonde in high heels is the daughter of my house guest; she was on the way to her sister's wedding atop Ft. Point, right under the bridge. We nearly crossed paths when I was out for a ride on my usual route around the waterfront - and I wouldn't have known it was her in this photo except I was looking at the wedding pictures this morning. (How many people would be wearing spike heels on that road?!)

That surf was getting people wet, but it was an otherwise windless, clear, crisp and perfect day for a wedding atop the fort.

(Judy and I ran into the groom cycling across the GG Bridge some months ago, part of the longer small-world stories I won't bore you with, revolving around Ruthy and Japan and Mike's Bikes and Velo Girls and Bike Fridays and Tikits.)

After I finished the above I started checking out the blogs I read and, speaking of Bike Fridays, ya gotta read this: B.L.O.G.: damage control. Oh, and don't miss Lauren's Christmas story, either!

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