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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 just has to be better

While I personally had a good year, I'm very glad we will turn a new page within the month, and even though it's quite likely that many things will get worse before they get better, we now have genuine hope, the most important ingredient for making good things happen.

I won't be riding for a while: on Tuesday, I ran my old touring bike into the back of a truck illegally parked in the bike lane in front of Mission Rock, tried to turn, hit both the bike and my bolted/bone-grafted right knee so hard, broadside, as to cause damage to both. I have no idea if I hurt the truck (hope so). After some hours of exquisite pain, my knee is better and other than a serious contusion, I can bear weight and should be as good as new soon. My bike will take more work to fix the front brake, which is shoved into the rim so hard the wheel can't turn or be removed, and the back derailleur is also jammed. A nice man saw me in trouble and gave me and my old bike a ride home in his pickup truck. I'm walking on it, but not sure when I'll get back on a bike. Moral: Always look where you're going! Duh.

I went to sleep as the year turned, the fog muffling the celebratory clamor.

O.K., I'll say it: Happy New Year!

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