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Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday, already?

The furnace cleaner finally came today, but my house is too far from the street and he gave me the name of another company that has portable machines.

He also suggested I put a box of baking soda by the cold air return and wait a few days before opening my registers, that the cold air would pull in the soda and help with the odor. I filled a nylon sock with the box of soda and dropped it inside the cold air return on a string. We'll see what that does. Also, he said, if the rat really is in the duct it would most likely be adhered/stuck and the vacuum wouldn't remove it anyway.

The more I look at that furnace the less I think a rat could get up in a duct. It's more likely in my wall, in which case I'll just keep using the little electric heater this winter.

I've been through worse things in this ancient cottage and "this too shall pass!"

I'll be at the symphony tonight. The sun is shining and it's warm enough right now. I think I'll get out for a good ride tomorrow, maybe ride down the coast or something - or maybe on Sunday. I haven't felt like taking any new photos and I haven't felt like redoing old files; it would appear I suffer a touch of burnout, waiting for what comes next. This happens every winter and it doesn't bother me to be doing other things for awhile. I finished the Darwin biography, ready for school next week.

Paris would be a lot colder, I bet.

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Tomate Farcie said...

It is snowing right now in Paris :)