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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost & found

This afternoon I was driving on Cesar Chavez, taking my new rims to Larry in Noe Valley to be rebuilt for my Bike Friday, and I looked over to where this mural should be as I always do, and it was gone! There's a stark, pure white wall where Che and Cesar and Emiliano used to be.

Really, it was so well painted, why would it be there for just a year or so and then be gone?

I forgot to take Larry the new spokes so I have to go back in the morning and I'll double check that it's really gone. I don't believe it. (Friday: Yep. It's definitely gone.)

And then tonight, before the City Arts event with Gwen Ifill, Calvin Trillin and Adam Gopnik at the Herbst, we stopped to look at the books on sale. I picked this one up and said to Theresa, "That's David's photo! I wonder if they got it legitimately." I turned it over and they did indeed give him credit. I have a large print of the same scene, but with different people walking, waiting to be framed. It lives under my couch. It is not green, nor is it b&w, there is some very subtle rainy-day color in it. Here's a link to it on DB's web site. Theresa bought the book---I'd already read it before going to Paris and that copy has a different cover---but I brought it home to scan the new cover to send to David. He rarely knows how his stock photos are used when they're bought so he'll be pleased to see this.

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Tom Carter said...

Don't you just love when you stumble upon a good book AND the cover just happens to be one of your photos. Never had it happen to me, but I imagine it's a nice feeling, heh.