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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Riding clockwise

This morning I rode around the city by first going south and then west, covering the City College/SF State route to Lake Merced and Ocean Beach. It was downright balmy - spring without the wind.

The sky was achingly blue and I knew I could finally get SFMOMA the way I want it. My earlier version, which I still like better, is a cropped file and can't be used for enlargements. But do click on this one to see the surprising number of people, four on two floors, in it.

And then I noticed the reclining figure atop the W Hotel, and the Keith Haring sculpture across the street, and the very strange futuristic light standards nearby. The corner of 3rd and Howard is deep with art. Now I have to go back and find the sculptor's name. (Monday: I went into the W Hotel and asked the concierge and she said, "Nomad Dreamer." I said, "No, the sculptor's name." And she said that's the name. Oh. But when I Google the name all I get is my own, this blog entry!)

All of these were taken without moving more than a short distance with my bike. When I was done shooting I rode down 4th Street, across the bridge and back home. Only 25 miles, but I didn't stop riding for the first 20, or more, so it was a good workout. Tomorrow it's back to school and the ride up hill to USF three days a week.


Two weeks ago, when Judy and I were hiking on the cliffs below Ft. Funston we came upon a dead pelican. Its eye was still clear and it hadn't been dead very long. I photographed it but couldn't figure out a good way to show it here, especially since it was around New Years and too fraught with symbolic reference to use. This week it's been all over the news that pelicans have been dying up and down the coast and they don't yet know why.

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