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Friday, January 23, 2009

A week gone by

Hmmm. Either too much happened this week to take time to write about it, or nothing much happened - and who needs to hear about nothing much?

Last Sunday I took my Bike Friday on a solo ride from Burlingame, meaning to circle over to the San Andreas Reservoir and down to Menlo Park to visit my friend Kit. I took my tinny tiny radio with its one-ear speaker to listen to the Lincoln Memorial concert. Somewhere along Canada Rd., just past Edgewood, I realized I was pedaling harder and not going faster and looked down to see if my back tire was going flat. Nope. BANG! The back tire exploded. O.K., so I get to fix a flat, I say to myself. No big deal.

But then I see the rim split into two pieces. Uh oh, can't fix that. Kit drove over to rescue me.

The Velo Girls Endurance Team got together later that day in Burlingame to set our schedule for progressive training rides, and it looks like I'll be busy one day every weekend for many months. I'm looking forward to it.

On Monday, Judy and I rode the Woodacre-Olema-Pt. Reyes Stn.-Nicasio loop, me on my Cannondale this time. Sure glad I have lots of bikes to ride.

You know all about Tuesday. I keep hoping things will get better now, but knowing they'll have to get worse before they get better depresses me. When masses of people lose their jobs it hurts.

Wednesday I did laundry.

Thursday I rode my old Miyata to school in a light rain. It always impresses them when I ride in the rain.

Today I compiled receipts and stuff to do my taxes. Now I'm going to put my feet up in front of my TV for the night, even though there is nothing worth watching.

Maybe tomorrow I will ride my Brompton. It's good to ride all four in one week, makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

Great skirt! Where did you find it?

Jackie said...

It was on sale at the Sports Basement a year or two ago, one only. I've only worn it that once 'cause I'm embarrassed to look too geeky, or something. How someone who routinely wears gaudy lycra could think this would go over the edge is an open question!

Groover said...

Wow, just catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Looooove your outfit! You look hot! :-)