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Monday, February 23, 2009

Painting progress

As you can see there was no sitting in the easy chair in front of the t.v. tonight. So far they've patched a lot of cracks and primed the woodwork in two rooms, tomorrow they sand and make a lot of dust. My bed was uncovered and I can sleep in it, but I will be sealed off in this back room with my computer until about noon.

And so I worked some old image files all evening. I hope I start taking some new photos one of these days soon. I miss my sidekick in crime. He always got me out at best light---dinner time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painters are coming, uh, oh!

Why is it so much harder than riding 80 miles to pack and move everything in a room?

Monday, they'll be sanding and patching and priming and painting, first the living room and my bedroom (where I'll still have to sleep), and when that is done, they'll tackle my kitchen and bathroom - my office was recently painted and I'm nixing them redoing it this go-round.

I'll take Sibyl to birdie camp and the Freds to turtle camp on Sunday.

I have no idea how long all this will take, but at least I'm being forced to do some overdue deep cleaning and purging. Oh, yes. The purging of way too much stuff, years and years worth of stuff, is really big on my to-do list.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glued to the race

The painters will be turning my cottage inside out next week and I should be packing up books and stuff, but instead I'm piddling around in my office, processing pixels, so I can follow the Tour online. It's not like there's really all that much to watch, but it sucks me in. At least they have some sun today. As I write this they're coming down off the snowy mountain, the last big climb of the stage.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

15 seconds of sightings in 85 miles

Up real early, out the door and waiting under an umbrella for the riders to climb the hill to the Legion of Honor - and barely saw them because the hill didn't slow them down much - didn't know I'd caught Lance until I saw this. Of course, it's just a JPG from my little camera and in very low light, so not much I could do with it - in fact, it's better than I expected, considering I didn't try to pan on purpose. He wears his own helmet, the only yellow helmet in the race. Judy, holding the umbrella over us, saw him go by easily. She'd know that chiseled jaw anywhere, she said.

We walked back to where we'd parked at the VA Hospital, used their bathrooms and then drove across town in traffic to get to the 280 freeway, hoping to catch them - and they nearly beat us to Half Moon Bay! - they got there about five minutes after we parked - again, they went by in about 5 seconds.

Next we tried to get to Pescadero before they finished the Tunitas Creek hill-climb, but decided to stop at San Gregorio, knowing they'd come back down that road to Hwy 1. This time I wasn't even going to try to shoot so I could actually see them, and I did see Lance go by. He does stand out.

The stragglers had about 20 seconds without rain, then it started again. The sun was shining over the ocean for awhile, but I don't think the racers got to enjoy any.

5 seconds to see them at each place---and that's being generous, they go by very fast.

In the rain.

It's the least one can do.

We got back out to Hwy 1 only to be stalled behind the long line of tour followers. We turned off to go the 3 miles into Pescadero to have artichoke soup at Duarte's, only to be turned back due to road flooding.

We drove all the way back to San Gregorio and took the old Stage Road to get back into Pescadero the back way.

After our soup and olallieberry pie we had to take Pescadero Road back over the ridge - the long, slow way home.

We stopped at Best Buy so I could get speakers for my computer and be able to hear, as well as watch, the online broadcasts the rest of the week while I work.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


That's my sweet Sibyl, chewing up a balsa-wood heart.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where'd it go?

Another week. Gone.

It was a pretty good week, though. Pedaled many miles, some with the Velo Girls (above) when we started our new training series on Saturday. Sat in the courthouse at Civic Center until finally being excused from jury duty. Went to classes. Solved some technical problems. Saw "The Wrestler." Uploaded more old images to the commercial stock photo site. Lost some winter fat.

I guess that adds up to a good week.

I keep going out with my big camera with hopes of seeing something I want to work with. Not seeing anything interesting, or new, yet.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Spring fever

It was sunny in Paris one year ago today, when this picture was taken.

Birds were singing late into the night on Potrero Hill and still singing when I got up this morning before dawn. The air is seductively balmy and my eyes have been at half-mast all day---must be spring fever, if not actually spring.

I'm thinking of taking a nap. . . .