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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

15 seconds of sightings in 85 miles

Up real early, out the door and waiting under an umbrella for the riders to climb the hill to the Legion of Honor - and barely saw them because the hill didn't slow them down much - didn't know I'd caught Lance until I saw this. Of course, it's just a JPG from my little camera and in very low light, so not much I could do with it - in fact, it's better than I expected, considering I didn't try to pan on purpose. He wears his own helmet, the only yellow helmet in the race. Judy, holding the umbrella over us, saw him go by easily. She'd know that chiseled jaw anywhere, she said.

We walked back to where we'd parked at the VA Hospital, used their bathrooms and then drove across town in traffic to get to the 280 freeway, hoping to catch them - and they nearly beat us to Half Moon Bay! - they got there about five minutes after we parked - again, they went by in about 5 seconds.

Next we tried to get to Pescadero before they finished the Tunitas Creek hill-climb, but decided to stop at San Gregorio, knowing they'd come back down that road to Hwy 1. This time I wasn't even going to try to shoot so I could actually see them, and I did see Lance go by. He does stand out.

The stragglers had about 20 seconds without rain, then it started again. The sun was shining over the ocean for awhile, but I don't think the racers got to enjoy any.

5 seconds to see them at each place---and that's being generous, they go by very fast.

In the rain.

It's the least one can do.

We got back out to Hwy 1 only to be stalled behind the long line of tour followers. We turned off to go the 3 miles into Pescadero to have artichoke soup at Duarte's, only to be turned back due to road flooding.

We drove all the way back to San Gregorio and took the old Stage Road to get back into Pescadero the back way.

After our soup and olallieberry pie we had to take Pescadero Road back over the ridge - the long, slow way home.

We stopped at Best Buy so I could get speakers for my computer and be able to hear, as well as watch, the online broadcasts the rest of the week while I work.


Groover said...

Your post so reminds me of our Tour Downunder experience. 5 seconds and it's all over. They are bl**dy fast uphill. LOL.

Glad you got to see Lance!

velogirl said...

who is "we?"

Jackie said...

My travel/riding buddy, Judy was with me.