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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painters are coming, uh, oh!

Why is it so much harder than riding 80 miles to pack and move everything in a room?

Monday, they'll be sanding and patching and priming and painting, first the living room and my bedroom (where I'll still have to sleep), and when that is done, they'll tackle my kitchen and bathroom - my office was recently painted and I'm nixing them redoing it this go-round.

I'll take Sibyl to birdie camp and the Freds to turtle camp on Sunday.

I have no idea how long all this will take, but at least I'm being forced to do some overdue deep cleaning and purging. Oh, yes. The purging of way too much stuff, years and years worth of stuff, is really big on my to-do list.


page132 said...

you are not allowed to call my laundry room "turtle camp". Nope, you are not!

Groover said...

Agree. Riding is so much more fun than cleaning and moving. However, the result will be very rewarding and equally satisfying as riding 80 Miles. ;-)