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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Oh the loneliness of a Course Marshall at Turn 5.....actually, two old teammates from two years ago walked the course, Erin, who is due with a baby boy in May, and Anna, due in September, and we chatted a bit. Both were so happy, and say they'll be back in the race, lickety-split.

There was a broken water dept. "manhole" cover which flipped up if hit just right, creating a serious obstacle on my turn. The first time it happened it was spray painted, but there was no way to fix it. In a later crit, it was flipped and crashed two riders, neither was hurt. I had to use the radio for the first time, ever. The best I could do was to remember it was Turn 5. Course Marshall 7 was one number too many. They got the message.

The sun came out and I was relieved at my post by Michelle, another teammate, and rode my Brompton back past the Start/Finish while the Women's Elite crit was about to finish. I was cheered as I pedaled like mad past the Finish. We all had a good laugh.

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velogirl said...

you rock! love the photo.

we taped the offending "cover" and it behaved for the rest of the day.