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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Green hills, blue sky

It was a gloriously beautiful, nearly wind-free day for our Velo Girls' Cinderella training ride in the east bay, the hills a gaudy green, impossible to get enough of when you're riding through them. I had slower riders to keep me company and was quite happy to sweep the long climbs at a leisurely pace.

Just noted - Lance twittered on the day in mid-February when Judy and I followed the Tour of California: "Holy hell. That was terrible. Maybe one of the toughest days I've had on a bike, purely based on the conditions. I'm still freezing." What a difference the sun makes!

It was a long drive to the southern east bay (Fremont), and I'm just home, waiting for Sibyl to finish eating so I can take my shower. Wish I could take a nap after not getting enough sleep last night. Have to be in Menlo Park early tomorrow morning for the Grand Prix, which the Velo Girls is putting on, with over 600 registered racers, all levels.

Ah. Shower time.

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