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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainy Sunday

I got all my gear ready, set the alarm and went to bed early. I got up at 06:00, ate a big breakfast and was headed out the door - and it was raining.

I hemmed and hawed about whether it would quit soon, whether it was worth it to get all wet trying to get my bike in my car to drive over to Ft. Mason to meet the Velo Girls, tried calling Lyn and used the wrong list (hope I didn't wake her husband), finally talked to her and decided to bag it for today. I don't mind riding in the rain once I'm riding and warmed up, but to get wet and cold before I start, not a good idea. I wonder if they did the ride. . . .

I bet there's a good story that goes with this painting of either a werewolf, or a very hairy child. I took it somewhere in the Loire Valley in 2006, and used it today to learn a new method for straightening perspective.

Here's the untouched original. If I'd included the whole frame when I took it I would have included it in the crop; it's a nice frame.

I got my PC laptop updated (yet again) so I could go through more Adobe tutorials while laying on the couch and it was pretty much stuff I already know, until I got to this new trick. It will come in handy.

But I really need to take some new pictures to play with.

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