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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easy riding

Taking it pretty easy the last two riding days: Judy and I rode the Sawyer Camp Trail yesterday, and this morning I met the Mellow Velo for the Woodside out & back. Tomorrow I will ride Sunday Streets along the waterfront which will be closed to cars for the day. Not much else going on around here, just reading, watching DVDs or TV, going to classes, cleaning Sibyl's messes and stuff like that. Easy riding.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot day & Hercules sighting

This guy hadn't been seen for weeks and wasn't even eating the blueberries I put out (can only pray he's been eating the snails brought to him from a park across town by my neighbor), but since it's so hot I watered his yard this morning, and he liked that. He went to his little pond for a long drink. But he still didn't eat his new berries.

I went out today with just my little point-and-shoot camera, and if it wasn't so friggin' hot, I could go back with the big camera and long lens to get Willie McCovey Hitting Into the Sun again, this time with a crowd in the stands. (But I think I'd still like my old shot of Willie, without the people in the stands, better.)

That's my old touring Miyata in the foreground. After being off the bike for two weeks and riding 36 fairly hilly miles yesterday, my legs were none too happy today. What's with that? All those miles and miles two weekends ago were for naught?

It's 82 here in my house and very hot in the sun.

There will be many sunburns from today, some probably serious.

Three days and the fog will be back.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seattle times

The sun was out for my last two days in Seattle with DB and we went to the locks and to Gasworks Park. And now the sun is shining in San Francisco, the winds of earlier this week have died down and I want to get on my bike, not sit here trying to write about my trip. . . .

. . . but instead I got groceries and cleaned Sibyl's boarding cage and cooked artichokes and worked on a couple of Seattle images. Tonight is the symphony, and then I get up early tomorrow to ride to Pt. Reyes Station with the Velo Girls.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hope rides on

Today I actually drove my car downtown, parked at the Sutter-Stockton garage and walked around Union Square for a bit before going to see my opthamologist in the art deco, 450 Sutter building. This billboard stopped me in my tracks. Love it.

Yesterday, while working here at the computer there was a scintillating spot marring my vision. At first it was in both eyes, and then it got bigger and weirder - a flashing football shape obscuring my vision - but at that point, clearly only in my left eye. I called my internist first because if it started in both eyes I thought it was a brain dysfunction more than an eye problem, but they had me call the eye doc. By the time I'd been on Hold at both offices, the flashing football moved off to the periphery and then disappeared - within 30 minutes it had come and gone. My exam today confirmed that it had been either an ocular or retinal migraine or, in other words, a vascular spasm affecting my vision. This is pretty common and no biggie - which is what I thought yesterday when it quit and I felt fine.

I'm packing up to visit DB in Seattle for a week or so. Maybe there will be some red tulips there.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Miles & miles

Last Friday I met Theresa at the Ferry Building and we rode back to Larkspur, where we ate lunch. I planned to take the ferry home, saving my legs for Saturday's 67-mile Cinderella Classic, but as I was pedaling into Larkspur Landing I could see the ferry pulling out, the next one not for another hour and a half, too long to just sit there. I rode back home, a 48-mile round trip.

Saturday I got up at 05:00, Diane picked me up and we were off and pedaling by 07:40. At the first rest stop I learned my friend and riding buddy, Sarah, had taken a bad fall and was on her way to the ER with a head injury. The next twenty miles were very hard. I wasn't sure I would make the whole ride and was just pushing grimly through it. And then at the last rest stop I was able to talk to Sarah and know she was OK. The last twenty-plus miles just flew by. What a huge difference attitude makes! I was pleasantly tired when I got home, a bit wind and sun burned, but otherwise fine.

Sunday was my regular Velo Girls' First Sunday ride and I had to wonder if I'd have any zip left in the legs, but there were two experienced and three inexperienced riders and I could ride at a reasonable pace for the 42-mile Strawberry/Tiburon loop from the Presidio. One rider lost her chain on that ugly steep bit getting out of the bridge parking lot and fell on her elbow hard enough to turn back. Another took the ferry back from Tiburon, but the rest of us had a great - and most unusual - tailwind the whole way back. If it hadn't been for so many tourists, the bridge ride back would have been outrageously beautiful. Well, I don't begrudge the tourists; I can share.

So. That's 157 miles in three riding days. Reminds me of touring, but without the heavy load. And today I feel better than I've felt since last summer, really great. I guess I'd better keep it up, lots of riding seems to suit me.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This day

I'm so disappointed by yellow tulips. They really just bore me. Yesterday, I rode all the way over to the beach to check them out again. I even planted my butt down on the wet cement to get them in the foreground. And then I went to the de Young to see the Yves St. Laurent show before it closes, and I'm glad I did. Great stuff. Really.

Today I cleaned my cottage of Sibyl's mess (and mine), vacuuming and cleaning, but just superficially. I was going to ride 50 miles, but last night I had a sore spot in my mouth/throat/neck/ear either from a virus (boo, hiss) or maybe one of those gum injuries that make things hurt. Well, I don't feel sick so I guess it's a gum-thing (probably from brushing too hard). So I spent the afternoon working with pixels again, instead.

It was nice to hear from folks on the peninsula that they have an endless supply of snails. I may have to go south on a collecting trip. Hercules disappeared again, perhaps because he's waiting for his dinner to reappear.